When QuickBooks Online Is Not Enough

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Master Your Finances, Empower Your Inventory: QuickBooks Online + Katana

Katana Cloud Inventory takes your QuickBooks Online to the next level, giving you the tools you need to manage your inventory, production, and more. Get a seamless workflow by integrating sales, purchasing, and accounting into a platform with the visibility to easily manage all your business operations.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Gain efficiencies in your inventory and order management processes 

QuickBooks Enterprise gives you real-time inventory visibility, decreased order fulfillment times, and less inventory surplus. Always see what’s in stock, what’s on order, where each item is located, and what it’s all worth so you can make real-time business decisions.

When QuickBooks Online Is Not Enough

Master Your Finances, Empower Your Inventory: QuickBooks Online + Katana

Katana Cloud Inventory takes your QuickBooks Online to the next level, giving you the essential tools you need to manage your inventory, production, and more. Get a seamless workflow by integrating sales, purchasing, and accounting into a single platform with the visibility to easily manage all your business operations and improve your company’s performance.

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For only $50 more per month, you can access a suite of features to manage your business effectively!

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Bundle Price

Exclusive Deal
$ 250 Monthly
  • Includes: QuickBooks Online Essentials
  • Sale Orders 1200 / Year
  • GMV $600K / Year
  • 1 Inventory Location
  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Landed / Added Costs
  • Basic Manufacturing
  • Inventory Planning

QuickBooks Online Advanced

$ 200 Monthly
  • Does NOT include:
  • NO: Sale Orders
  • NO: Robust Inventory Management
  • NO: Multiple Inventory Locations
  • NO:Landed/Added costs
  • NO: Manufacturing
  • NO: Inventory planning

Boost Your Inventory Management

Katana Cloud Inventory helps thousands of SMBs get a complete overview of their inventory, enabling them to maintain optimal stock levels and avoid stockouts. Katana makes it possible to integrate sales, purchasing, and accounting into a single platform and gives you the visibility you need over your daily operations to improve business performance, supporting a wide range of industries and business models from ecommerce to retail to manufacturing.

Live Inventory Management
End -to-end traceability
Omnichannel order management
Purchase order management
Contract manufacturing
Accurate costing
Real-time master planing
Warehouse management
Total shop floor control
Production planning
Financial visibility and cloud accounting

Keep your
stock levels
just right

Optimize inventory levels and manage all your sales channels with cloud inventory software that tracks it all and more in real time.

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Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of raw materials, finished goods, and work-in-progress inventory levels. Set reorder points, monitor stock movement, and manage stock transfers between multiple locations and sales points.

Planning and Forecasting

Katana’s planning and forecasting feature enhances inventory management by offering
comprehensive inventory planning, replenishment, and forecasting tools — leveraging data to help anticipate inventory needs

Production Planning

Plan and schedule production orders based on demand forecasts, sales orders, and available resources. Create bills of materials, define production workflows, and allocate materials to specific orders.

Order Management

Streamline order processing and fulfillment processes. Convert sales orders into production orders, track order status, manage order revisions, and prioritize tasks based on delivery deadlines

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QBO + Katana

Keep stock at optimal levels at all times with the right data

Access the inventory data you need to make informed decisions when purchasing to prevent stockouts and overstock. Katana helps you track inventory levels across multiple locations and monitor arrival times for efficient order fulfillment.

QBO + Katana

Go beyond warehouse walls with total inventory control

Track materials and products throughout their lifecycle, from origin to sale. Manage expiry dates, auto-generate barcodes, and leverage serial numbers for detailed tracking. Locate items instantly across warehouses and ensure everyone has real-time data. Plus, trace faulty batches efficiently for quality control and recalls.

QBO + Katana

Take control of your omnichannel sales with unified order management

  • Unify B2B and e-commerce orders in a single platform.
  • Gain a central view of all sales data for informed decisions.
  • Ensure efficient fulfillment with integrated inventory & sales data.
  • Track everything – from product availability to serial numbers.
  • Proactively identify and address potential delivery delays.
  • Fulfill orders partially or choose to make to order based on demand.
  • Manage sales in multiple currencies with automatic conversion.
  • Track shipments and monitor your overall sales performance.
QBO + Katana

Track purchase orders in real-time, avoid stockouts, and ensure on-time deliveries

Our purchase order management system ensures you never run out of materials. Track orders in real-time, get automatic inventory updates, and identify potential delays. Works for in-house and outsourced manufacturing, with multicurrency support and automatic unit conversion.

QBO + Katana

Manage Outsourced Production Seamlessly

Katana streamlines contract manufacturing workflows. Gain real-time visibility into material usage and purchase order statuses from your partners. Issue purchase orders directly, track materials in their locations, identify and source missing materials efficiently, and receive accurate cost data when items are stocked.

QBO + Katana

Nail Product Pricing with Accurate Costing

Katana empowers you with real-time, reliable costing. Our precision-built features ensure accurate product pricing based on your true manufacturing costs. Track costs effortlessly with features like multilevel Bill of Materials support and production operation costing, allowing you to make data-driven pricing decisions that maximize your profit margins.

QBO + Katana

Master Your Production with Real-Time Planning

Katana puts production, scheduling, and resource management at your fingertips. Gain real-time insights to optimize everything from materials to machines. Make data-driven decisions on manufacturing and purchasing, maintain optimal inventory levels, and prioritize production based on real-time availability. This system empowers you with task-level control for efficient shop floor management, all while automating cost calculations for maximum transparency.

QBO + Katana

Synchronize your data with e-commerce, shipping, accounting, and reporting platforms

Katana goes beyond the software with an open API and no-code solutions. Build custom integrations and workflows to perfectly fit your business. Sync data with various platforms, develop your own apps, or leverage pre-built ones. Design workflows to automate tasks and optimize your operations.

QBO + Katana

Simplify Warehouse Operations

Katana optimizes your warehouse workflows for maximum efficiency. Gain real-time stock visibility and simplify daily tasks for your operators. Our system streamlines picking and placing with designated storage bins and location printouts. Reduce errors with barcode scanning for receiving, counting, and label printing, all directly within your Katana account.

QBO + Katana

Command Your Shop Floor with Total Control

Katana takes total control of your shop floor. Assign tasks, manage operators, and track real-time progress. Operators update you directly with task status. Get detailed info on materials and time spent to optimize your shop floor. Barcode scanning tracks everything for total control.

QBO + Katana

Plan Production Like a Pro

Katana simplifies production planning. Handle complex products with routing and matrix Bill of Materials. Prioritize tasks with drag-and-drop and ensure on-time fulfillment with material tracking. Identify delays, get accurate completion dates, and maintain a live production overview for total control.

QBO + Katana

Streamline Financials with Katana and QuickBooks Online

Katana integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, giving you a unified view of your finances. Sync your accounting, sales, and inventory data effortlessly. Automatically generate invoices from sales orders, convert purchase orders to bills, and maintain accurate inventory balances in QBO. This integration empowers you to make data-driven pricing decisions based on real-time product margins, and ensures consistent supplier and customer data across your systems.